Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm Fake News And Bogus Celebrity Endorsements

And here we have a short collection of news snippets which are indicative of how fake news articles look like. Most commonly used celebrities and high profile individuals include Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Shark Tank, Dragons Den (in Germany Die Höhle der Löwen), Martin Lewis, Jamie Oliver, singer Morten Harket, Singapore Billionaire Peter Lim, and many more.

What Is Bitcoin Storm and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Storm is supposed to be an automated cryptocurrency trading app which generates signals at a 99.4% level of accuracy. They claim software does it by “beating the market” by 0.01 seconds. In other words, they are saying it is faster then the rest (the time leap sales pitch).

Is it a SCAM App or Pathway To Riches?

The Bitcoin Storm app is something different and is not what it is purported to be. If you are a day trader or opportunity seeker on the lookout for a new and profitable bot or signals app, we recommend you read our review very carefully.

Despite our understanding and previous experience with these types of systems, we had to test a demo with at least €250 just to be fair and see what happens.

We must say that we lost our initial investment after about 7 minutes only to be subject to a myriad of pressure tactics by sleazy offshore sales reps who are both persistent as well as rude.

There is no “laser-accurate performance” or “superior technology” which was designed using “the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen”.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that this is not an “award-winning app”, unless they are handing out awards for the most despicable thieving software. Finally, we also found out that the whole testimonial section is completely forged and all of the images are fake and taken from internet image banks (big surprise).

Is It Free? No, it isn’t.

Joining this losing program will cost you the standard amount charged by scammers and that is $/£/€250. The thieves who will charge your credit card are dirty offshore brokers who don’t really care about your personal financial situation and will do their utmost to squeeze as much money out of you as they possibly can.

Is Bitcoin Storm Better than other Robots?

Bitcoin Storm has many positive reviews and feedback across the web, which is one of the main factors when choosing a trading robot. This bot has a claimed accuracy rate of 99.4%, an advanced trading algorithm, and a great trading dashboard interface compared to competitors in the industry.

Furthermore, unlike other scam trading bots in the market, Bitcoin Strom appears to be legit and provides security measures for users.

Bitcoin Storm and Celebrities

Some celebrities have been rumored to invest in bitcoin automated trading software including Bitcoin Era robot and Bitcoin Strom. However, some of these rumors are not accurate and we will take a look to see if any of these rumors are correct.

Bitcoin Storm Richard Branson

Bitcoin Storm Martin Lewis

Bitcoin Storm Jamie Oliver

So, is Bitcoin Storm a Scam or is it Legit?

Bitcoin Storm appears to be legit and based on user reviews the trading robot has an advanced trading algorithm that actually works. Although this robot is fairly new, we found nearly no negative feedback regarding its services and results. Following our in-depth investigation of Bitcoin Strom, we can confirm that Bitcoin Storm is not a scam trading robot.

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Is Bitcoin Storm legit?

Yes. Unlike other trading robots, Bitcoin Storms appears to be legit trading robot. It would be best to start trading with amount and add more capital when your account grows.

What is the minimum deposit requirement?

Bitcoin Storm requires an initial minimum deposit of $250.

How much do I need to spend every day to trade with Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm claims that users need to spend an average of 20 minutes per day to monitor the account and if necessary adjust the trading settings.

How much can I earn with with Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm claims you can earn a daily profit of $1100 if the software is used correctly. User testimonials confirm that it is possible to earn money with this robot.

Does Bitcoin Storm charge fees to withdraw funds?

No. We can confirm that Bitcoin Storm does not charge any withdrawal and deposit fees.

Bitcoin Storm testimonials

Speaking of Bitcoin Storm reviews and testimonials, you will find some on the website of the program. They show how much money people have made with it.

But all these testimonials are fake, fraudsters who run this program have made them up, they used stock photos for this purpose, see our picture on the right for a proof.

Bitcoin Storm trading results

Another of the many fake thing on the Bitcoin Storm website is the trading results. There is a table with supposedly live results, they all are wins, and not small.

But they all are also fake, these are just random positive numbers that have nothing in common with this trading system.

Bitcoin Storm is a cryptocurrency trading software that allows the bitcoin traders to automated forex trading. The developers have a vision of making everyone millionaire without costing a single. They have a very positive slogan that says “And you can be the Next Millionaire.”Amazing isn’t it?

This cryptocurrency website is developed as one of the richest bitcoin traders. Though the location of the company is not specified, its supposedly regulated brokers are based in the UK. It is reachable at It is registered and has its own license but there is no information on its developers or how to contact them.

Bitcoin Storm Product Review

Before we decide whether this crypto trading platform is a scam or legit, let’s first take a detailed look at its basics. Bitcoin Storm is actually an automated computer program or bot that uses a bunch of advanced and sophisticated algorithms. It means that the traders do not require any skill to trade bitcoins.

The layout of the website is very professional as it has testimonials, trading results, stock market results, in short everything to convince a trader to trade with them! The software is connected with a broker’s system that allows automated trading. The developers of this program claim that it was designed using the trading strategies of the best bitcoin traders in the world.

It is considered as one of the most accurate bitcoin trading software. The accuracy of results comes from the combination of Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The website claims to trade bitcoin absolutely free. And that’s what makes it suspicious!

Though Bitcoin STorm has managed to gain 99.4% of the traders, there are many loopholes in this platform. The first thing that people should know is that its a site from one of the biggest bitcoin scam chain that includes, Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Lifestyles.

This website is a scam just like the Bitcoin code and other infamous scams. The biggest indicator of its scam is when the trader tries to trade using a demo account. The website doesn’t let them trade with a demo account and desperate bitcoin traders risk their own money. And that’s when the unregulated brokers at the other steal your money.