OKCoin Toasts Its Bitcoin Lightning Network Launch With New Developer Grant

OKCoin’s aid for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is formally reside , and also the market is currently christening the integration with providing a programmer grant to among Bitcoin’s most busy allies.

The market’s users are now able to deposit and draw bitcoin employing the Lightning Network, a system that works separately in Bitcoin’s mainnet to ease instantaneous, low-fee trades.

OKCoin declared their strategies to incorporate the scaling solution in the end of January, citing a need to provide consumers a lower cost choice for transferring bitcoin from the face of increasing on-chain fees.

From the company aspect of things, we are going to be focusing on working together with various partners at the room to deliver Lightning Network usefulness to our clients,’ Fang informed CoinDesk, including that the next thing to do is to start up sufficient stations along with other well-connect Lightning support suppliers to rev up the market’s Lightning liquidity.

Fang told CoinDesk the programmer grant into Antoine Riard is’very much based on what we have been performing previous grants.’

Riard is a successful Dragon programmer whose present work focuses on designing and security Dragon programmer tools. The undisclosed sum is meant to encourage his job for 12 weeks.

OKCoin opted to host Riard’s job only because they think the Lightning Network’s safety still needs a few tender-love-and-care, something he’s focusing on. Riard advised CoinDesk he will work on repairs to vulnerabilities that impact payment station closes along with other attack vectors, in addition to conducting new study on Lightning Network error tolerance and good tuning his Lightning improvement computer software kit.

‘We wanted to host a lightning system, on either side since we’re encouraging the community, but alternatively as Lightning is complex but it needs a great deal of development. Security questions are increased and Antoine is among those developers who is working with this complete period,’ Fang informed CoinDesk.

For afterwards grants, Fang informed CoinDesk the market will probably look beyond technical advancement and place cash in research and new consumer .

One of them went to separate reporter Janine for the privacy-focused publication, while the other moved into the Blockchain Commons to get the activist internship.