Despite Negative Mining Malware Press, Privacy-Focused Crypto Monero Jumps 36% in 2 Weeks

While the privacy-oriented digital currency monero has experienced double-digit gains, most of the crypto economy suffered losses and has been in a consolidation period, XMR was recently in the news after a cybersecurity company warned torrent files containing the film ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ may have malicious monero mining malware.

Since years, Monero has been plagued by mining malware reports. Some applications can hijack the CPU of a victim and then mine monero. This act is also known as cryptojacking.

monero has gained 58% year-to-date against the U.S. Dollar. The crypto asset has a market cap of approximately $4.4 billion and is ranked 44th out of 12,135 crypto assets. XMR is 0.19% of $2.3 trillion crypto-economy as of January 1, 2022.

XMR trades at around $227.51 to $258.55 per unit. Tether ( USDT) accounts for 42% of all trades. This is followed by Bitcoin (18.39%) and Ethereum (7.83%). The USD (a href=””>USDT) has a 4.2% average price range, while the EUR (3.35%), GBP (2.32%) and the JPY (1.32%) are next.

Monero ( XMR is an open-source cryptocurrency network that uses Cryptonote technology. It was created by Nicolas van Saberhagen. Although the blockchain network is believed to be obscured, Ciphertrace asserts that it has monero tracking capabilities.

Privacy techniques used by the project include IP address concealing, signatures and bulletproofs. A Monero developer revealed BTC to XMR atomic Swap capabilities at the end of August 2021. In addition, Monero (XMR), can be leveraged on several darknet marketplaces.

Monero is also up against privacy-coin rivals such as hirizen (ZEN), and dash. ZEN has risen by 438% against the U.S. Dollar, while ZEC rose 130.8% in the past year.